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Name:Claudia Donovan
Location:Univille, South Dakota, United States of America
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[Taken and kind of changed, but not really, from the Warehouse 13 wiki]

Claudia was raised by her older brother after both of their parents died. While Joshua attended college, he studied under Professor Reynolds, and met Arthur Nielsen, who persuaded Josh to pursue a dangerous experiment in teleportation. When Joshua disappeared in an explosion, Claudia believed that he was dead, taking away the last bit of her family.

Later in life, Claudia experienced visions in which her brother appeared to be attempting to communicate with her. Believing that she was going insane from her grief, she checked herself into a psychiatric hospital, but after four months of treatment, she realized that Joshua was, in fact, trying to contact her from the immaterial prison of some kind of interdimensional limbo that was a result of his experiment.

After kidnapping Artie and getting her brother back, Claudia found herself working at the Warehouse (since Artie didn't have the heart to "deal with" her). Most of her initial work involved record-keeping, filing, and taking inventory, which she found to be a mind-numbingly tedious waste of her skills. Bored with her assigned tasks, she took up personal side projects, including repurposing a Spectroscope into a 3D hologram imager.

[ooc: I don't own Claudia, Allison Scagliotti, or Warehouse 13. Mun and muse over 18]
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